The Little Cahaba River

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The Little Cahaba River is a critical habitat for four species of federally protected snails, mussels, and fish. It is also home to gray bats, and the riparian habitat for Georgia rockcress and Mohr's Barbara's Button, both of which are federally listed species. The Cahaba River contains more than 100 species of fish, including 12 fish and mussel species that are listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. The National Geographic Society and the World Wildlife Fund both recognized the Cahaba River watershed as an outstanding global resource for diverse freshwater life. The Little Cahaba River in Bibb County is classified as an Outstanding Alabama Waterway by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and is a major tributary to Alabama's longest free-flowing river, the Cahaba River.
The river is unique because of the shoals and waterfalls that have formed as it flows through limestone and dolomite formations. The bluffs and limestone formations provide a scenic backdrop for hiking, canoeing, tubing, photography, and bird watching. The Little Cahaba River has been named "one of the nation's ten best float fishing streams by Field and Stream Magazine for its spotted bass, redeye bass, bluegill, catfish, pickerel, and walleye.

The Little Cahaba remains a scenic river that flows about 18 miles from the junction of Shoal and Mahan Creeks to join the Cahaba River south of the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge. The river flows through forest and farmland and the banks are largely undeveloped.

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