Historic Centreville Square


The Centreville Town Square, which overlooks the Cahaba River, became an historical district in 1977. Twenty-six historical buildings line the streets of this area. The square offers a variety of services including restaurants and shopping. Spend some time in a "days gone by" atmosphere.  December is the month for "Christmas on the Square".

Bibb County Court House and Confederate Monument
The Confederate monument was unveiled on July 22, 1910. The Courthouse is still a functioning building and has been renovated to accommodate a modern work environment while still maintaining the authenticity of the building.  The court house dates back to 1902.  The land lay out back in 1828 was done in the traditional square of the time period.

Mason Building
This historical building is still in use.  The masons meet here each month.  The organization is a highly respected group whose history is passed down from generation to generation.

The Ritz Theatre
The Ritz Theatre was once a booming show place where you could buy a Coke for a nickel, popcorn for ten cents, and watch movies all day long for a quarter. The theatre began as an Opera House run by Mr. Robert Thrasher, but was converted to a movie theatre in the 1920s.  In 1940, the original building burned and the owner, Mr. Stancil, rebuilt it using steel beams for the balcony and roof supports.  No longer in use as a theatre, the building is under going renovations.

The Old Bibb County Jail
Built in 1910, the old jail has many stories to tell.  It is a strong, sound building now owned by the Better Home Town Group. The Rock Building
This building was built with native stone during the WPA era.  On July 13, 1938, the Commissioners Court of Bibb County purchased a tract of land at a cost of $3,500 and erected this building at a cost of $38,500.  This beautiful building was renovated in 1978. Currently the Rock Building houses the Bibb County Board of Education, the Bibb County Commission, and the Emergency Management Agency.

The Centreville Press
The original hometown paper in Centreville was the Bibb Blade. The newspaper was bought by the Nunnelees in the fall of 1897 and the name changed to Centreville Press. The facility is a historic building still in operation.

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